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Connie Sellecca

A Golden Globe-nominated actress, Connie Sellecca has dedicated the last four years to improving lives through her syndicated radio program, Intelligence for Your Health. With a weekly audience of over 2.5 million people, Connie Sellecca has used this platform to share the perspectives of top health and wellness leaders such as Dr. Travis Stork (The Doctors), and Dr. Memet Oz (The Dr. Oz Show).

The impressive roster of MDs, PhDs and popular authors who have been welcomed to the show is a testament to the power and influence of Connie Sellecca and her unique blend of health and wellness programming. In the interviews, Connie Sellecca shows great compassion and care while delving into some of the major issues affecting listeners of the program.

Firmly established as an informative and educational program that transcends demographics, Intelligence for Your Health has continued to grow in popularity with each passing year. With numerous Fortune 500 organizations in its corner, including PetSmart, Geico Insurance, Amway, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Home Depot and General Motors, Intelligence for Your Health is syndicated for airing on Canadian and American stations by The Teshmedia Group. Connie Sellecca is married to the founder of The Teshmedia Group, noted television and radio personality John Tesh.

Expanding her repertoire even further, Connie Sellecca has been an integral part in the creation of a new television program developed by The Teshmedia Group. Set to debut in September 2014, Intelligence for Your Life is a half-hour syndicated program that will serve as a perfect companion to local newscasts throughout the United States. Originally scheduled for broadcast in 80 million American households, the program has already received a stamp of approval from a number of Fortune 500 advertisers. Connie Sellecca looks forward to the opportunity of sharing the latest news and information about beauty, health, dating and a wide range of lifestyle topics.

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